Fragrances from Village Candle® are perfect for the home, because that’s where they were born.

As a young man, our founder remembers taking his mother’s leftover canning paraffin and pouring it into milk cartons to make candles. That experience made a strong impression on him that would factor into his life for decades to come. Fast forward to 1993. While researching career possibilities at his local library in Brunswick, Maine, Paul came across a candle making article that rekindled the dormant memories of candle making all those years ago in his mother’s kitchen. That fateful day at the library ended up being the beginning of something very special. Very quickly, a boyhood hobby bloomed into a passion, and that passion became a calling. From a small two-burner stove top, those first candles made with care and Maine craftsmanship, were the sparks that fueled a global fragrance brand that is finding its way into millions of homes around the world.

Village Candle® was born.