Why Two Wicks

Why two wicks

Why two wicks?

Over the years, many of our Village Candle® customers have been intrigued when they discover our candles have two wicks, instead of just one. Many consumers would write us asking,

"Are dual wicks really better than one?"

It certainly has been our pleasure here at Village Candle® to answer,


Our founder pioneered the Dual Wick™ Technology back in the early 90’s, after spending countless hours researching, creating and testing the complexities behind the art of candle-making. He discovered that two wicks offered three significant advantages over single wick designs.

  1. Dual wicks offer a cleaner, more efficient burn.
  2. Dual wicks create better fragrance effusion.
  3. Our candles offer twice the ambiance created by the glow of dual wicks.

In addition, the special design of the smaller diameter wicks ensure that every Village Candle® has been engineered to burn more efficiently and create less soot. Our Dual Wick™ candles burn the candle wax so efficiently that there is very little wax left on the sides of the jar, and when burned properly, no tunneling. The efficiency of less waste in burning equates to a better quality and value for your money. We mastered the technology of our two wicks to create better fragrance effusion throughout the life of the candle. Dual wicks ensure enhanced release of your favorite fragrances with twice the ambiance and reassuring glow of single-wick candles.

Village Candle® strives to create the best products using the finest quality ingredients available to us. Please be assured that we care about your concerns for safety, well-being and the health of you and your family and friends.  Therefore, at Village Candle® we have a firm commitment to quality and safety, never using lead wicks. Our wicks are safe and we use only the finest quality paper and pure cotton core wicks to manufacture our candles.

It is with great American pride that all candles from Village Candle® are manufactured here in the USA.

We hope you will continue to enjoy Village Candle® products with the confidence and knowledge that the quality as well as the safety of each Village Candle® has met our own high standards and vigorous testing, with your satisfaction in mind.